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From Thursday 7th to Sunday 10th of December the annual Tryton unconference comes to Liège. We warmly welcome users, developers and people interested to learn more about Tryton. Discover Tryton features first hand and learn about the latest technical developments presented in the last version 4.6. And celebrate the 10th anniversary of the first commit.

To cover the fees, we request a donations of at least 20€ to attend to the conference.

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Thursday 7th December from 9:00 to 18:00

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  1. Past, Present and Future of Tryton

    Cédric Krier,
  2. semilimes - vitamins for business

    Scope and features of the semilimes ecosystem from a user, business and system integrator perspective.

    Ronald Vuillemin,
  3. Custom web-shop from scratch to production in 1 month

    We will present the Jurassic Fruit business case for which we have build a custom web-shop that delivers weekly boxes of fresh fruits.

    Cédric Krier and Nicolas Évrard,
  4. Kalenis: Integrating LIMS & ERP

    Kalenis LIMS & ERP is an open source solution designed in an integral way with the aim of supporting all laboratory processes.

    Sebastián Marró and Ignacio Parszyk,
  5. Demonstration of a pre-purchase Process in Tryton

    This talk will introduce the user purchase requisition followed by the processing of requests for quotations to multiple suppliers by the purchasing department.

    Thierry Bruyere and Maxime Richez,
  6. Two new modules for Tryton: Paybox payment system and electronic signature

    Adrien Ben-Duc,
  7. Tryton Foundation Meeting 17:00 to 18:00

More talks to be announced…

Friday 8th December from 9:00 to 18:00

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  1. Pluggable backends in Tryton: an how-to

    Nicolas Évrard,
  2. A few challenges when scaling with Tryton

    Jérémy Mousset,
  3. Collect payment with Tryton and Stripe

    Cédric Krier,
  4. A web application and an API based on Tryton

    Ali Kefia,
  5. semilimes - behind the scenes

    How we made Tryton stateless, how our dynamic configuration environment for Tryton works, and what is special about the newly developed Web client for Tryton.

    Ronald Vuillemin,

More talks to be announced…

Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th December

Code Sprint

Attending to the Code Sprint is free of charge.

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» Contact

Tryton Fondation Privée
Rue de Rotterdam, 4
4000 Liège
Web Page
In case of questions don't hesitate to ask the Tryton mailing list.

» Venue

Unconference - Thursday and Friday

Tryton Unconference will be hosted at the
Interface Entreprise-Université
4, Avenue Pré-Aily,
4031 Liège

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We recommend to take the bus n°48 from the center to the "ANGLEUR Parc industriel" stop.

It requires a 1-2 zones tikets. We recommend for the all event to take a 3 days pass .

Sprints - Saturday and Sunday

The sprint takes place at
Rue Chapelle des Clercs 3,
4000 Liège

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» Accommodations

Liège is not a big city, there are chances that any hotels in the city will not be too far from a bus stop. So you don't have to worry too much about the connections to the conference locations.

Yet we have some suggestions of hotels that are reasonably near of bus stop that will bring you directly to the sprint and/or conference location.

  • An Ibis Hôtel in the city center (convenient if you participate to the sprint)
  • The Univers Hôtel near the Guillemins railway station is also ideally located thanks to the station connection to the bus network.
  • Le Cygne d'argent is a cheap hotel near the Boulevard d'Avroy connection with the bus network.
  • The Hôtel Neuvice is located in a pedestrian street in the city center. It is a more expensive hotel with a great attention to details.

» Outside Events

Here are a list of some activities available during the conference that you may enjoy during your stay:

» Collaborators